I am Ivan Razvorotnev

I am a programmer and little bit mathematician, scientist, artist, designer, startup maker and much music fan also.

My main interests: 3D graphics programming/gamedev, math, sport programming, functional programming, Android development, Front-end. Yes, i have quite a bit of interests.

I like to solve hard, non standart problems, use my brain and do some inspiring things.

I have different own projects, that can looks useless, but i like it. I can work as full time developer and freelancer, but my main time devoted to study.

My main hobies is listen music(Progressive metal, Metalcore), riding bisicle, walking, reading.

Living in Moscow, Russia, 18 years old.

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Own projects
Plant generator projects
My research of procedure genered plants
Android projects
Android applications
Game dev projects
My game projects
Front end projects
My front end projects
Another projects projects
My another projects projects



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